Fetish Liza – New Cleaning Girl

Fetish Liza is back with another hot scene for you guys. She just hired a new cleaning girl and she’s so hot. Liza just couldn’t take her eyes off her. A few days ago she went to work wearing a sexy red outfit, short dress and a tight top, high heels and of course stockings. Liza didn’t knew how to get her hands on her, so she decided to get to know her better and stayed with here while she was cleaning her room. She watched her dust and afterwards checked her curves one more time while she was vacuuming her room. Liza just couldn’t believe how good she can look and how she ended up working for her. She made her plan already, she would let her work for a few days, she didn’t want to scare her off. Liza really wanted to play with her new maid but she waiting for the perfect time. If you liked this scene you must check out www.jbvideo.net for more hot chicks in nasty scenes. Enjoy it and see you next time!

fetish liza new cleaning girl

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