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Fetish Liza – Threesome with Coco and Lilly


Today, Fetish Liza is coming back with other two smoking hot babes that are needy and ready for some kinky action! They started the whole thing right into this fantastic bedroom where they have all their sex gadgets around. All of them look smoking hot, wearing that leather and latex outfits, having whips, sex toys and dildos all ove the place and the best thing is that they are going to use them all. At first, one of these babes was put down, cause she was the first one who is about to be used by the other ones, for their own pleasure.

And these two started to apply some corrections with the whip, touching her pussy with it, thing that made this babe moan with such intense pleasure. You are going to see that they started to do even more than that, cause they got all horny and wet, so they started to shove some fingers into this babe’s pussy, pumping her with a lot of eagerness. Enjoy watching the following scenes, to see how this babe is going to have a fantastic time with Liza and the other slut and see what are these two capable of doing. Don’t forget that you can find some similar videos and picture galleries inside the femdom empire blog! Check it out and have a great time inside!

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Leather Fetish Lovers

We are back with another fetish update for you lucky guys. This time Fetish Liza brought some friends with her and it sure going to be an insane scene, so you better prepare yourself. These three have a weakness for leather and once in a while Liza sets some private parties for them. Of course every single time things go way over board and they end up fucking each other like crazy. This time wasn’t an exception and after a few glasses things went crazy. They all started taking off their sexy leather suits, except Liza of course. Once she saw them in their sexy red lingerie and in those red stockings she just couldn’t keep her hands of them. So she brought her favorite big dildo and started playing with them. This wasn’t their first time and the girls were kind of waiting for it.

Liza just loves dominating these poor girls and of course seducing, teasing and fucking their holes one by one. I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss this hot update. If you want to check out more leather fetish scene you should definitely visit sexy Chateau Cuir‘s blog for more hot babes in leather. We hope you enjoyed this update and we’ll be back with more next time!


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Rubber lesbians


fetish-liza-rubber-lesbians-play    fetish-liza-rubber-lesbians-play-time

Hope that you are ready to see this latex babe, cause they are thrilled to show you their games! They love their new cat latex suits, looking so polished and shiny. And because they were horny and naughty all day long, they are going do all sort of kinky things to each other, things that you will definitely love watching. See how these hot brunettes are going to lick each other, at first going with their tongues all over their rubber tight suits and then on their other parts. I bet you will love these two, since you are a fetish lover, cause they are actually some high class kinky sluts and they really know how to blow your mind.

Have a look at these photos and videos, and see these bound babes making just about everything they want to with the other one. You definitely have to click and have a look at the whole Fetish Liza video, cause there are so many things that you will adore about these horny black cats. See them bending over, letting their palms spank those latex covered butt cheeks, that are so eager to be spanked and touched. Have a look at these galleries and the matching video, and stay tuned to discover what are they planning to do next with their bodies, now that they started to get warmed up! See also Chateau Cuir for more kinky femdom scenes!

Watch these latex babes rubbing each other!

Fetish Liza – Pink lingerie fantasy

Fetish Liza is back again with a fresh new video and she looks more hot than ever, with that pink lingerie of hers. She got some pink suspenders that are see through, showing her long legs that she brags about so much. She likes to please herself if she has nothing else or no one else around, and this time she is more horny than ever. She got straight to the couch, looking to spread her legs there, to start fingering her already wet pussy. Have a look at this hot brunette and see how she is fulfilling her fantasies.

She always wanted to finger bang her pussy while she is wearing gloves, and now is the perfect time to feel that fabric on her clit. She hot so warmed up and horny that she wet herself instantly. See how she is rubbing her clit with those pink gloves, getting her breath more accelerated than before. Of course the orgasm wasn’t late, so you will see her cumming right in front of you. Get ready to see a lingerie fantasy fanatic being pleased, spreading her legs in front of you, showing you exactly how she likes to be touched. Enjoy each moment and get ready for even more! You should also have a look at the infernal restraints chicks cause there are some similar fetish scenes for you! fetish-liza-in-her-pink-lingerie

fetish-liza-stretched-hard     fetish-liza-fingering-herself

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Black Stocking Fantasy

Fetish Liza loves the way those stockings feel on her body. She is getting turned on each and every single time she is wearing suspenders or stockings, cause that soft fabric feels amazing on her skin. In fact, she is going to have goose bumps all over her body, so she will have to do something about that eagerness that she will feel between her legs. See her bending over, letting you admire her firm butt cheeks and her naughty game play. She is going to run with her fingers all over her legs, touching herself and pinching her nipples, just to see them getting more hard than before.

You got to see her looking so hot, just like a black cat. Enjoy seeing her playing with her body, getting turned on and going even further. As in the http://sicflics.org/ videos, you are about to see probably the most outstanding and burning hot scenes ever. Have a pleasant time with Liza cause she is going to make your wishes come true, letting you fantasize about her and her stockings. Enjoy the following video to see what is she about to do with herself, now that she got so wet! She is going to let you see her sliding her fingers right into her whole, so have a blast watching her!

fetish-liza-black-stockings-fantasy Check out Liza touching herself through the stockings!

Fetish Liza – New Cleaning Girl

Fetish Liza is back with another hot scene for you guys. She just hired a new cleaning girl and she’s so hot. Liza just couldn’t take her eyes off her. A few days ago she went to work wearing a sexy red outfit, short dress and a tight top, high heels and of course stockings. Liza didn’t knew how to get her hands on her, so she decided to get to know her better and stayed with here while she was cleaning her room. She watched her dust and afterwards checked her curves one more time while she was vacuuming her room. Liza just couldn’t believe how good she can look and how she ended up working for her. She made her plan already, she would let her work for a few days, she didn’t want to scare her off. Liza really wanted to play with her new maid but she waiting for the perfect time. If you liked this scene you must check out www.jbvideo.net for more hot chicks in nasty scenes. Enjoy it and see you next time!

fetish liza new cleaning girl

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Threeway with a Tranny

In this special, kinky scene, this hot brunette is nastier than ever. Fetish Liza is fucking one guy and a tranny, making them do all sorts of naughty things. Watch these hot babes fucking their slave and enjoying it greatly. Come see this guy that is wearing a latex mask sucking the red head’s cock. After that he is going to be dominated completely by both of them. Liza and her friend decided that it’s time for this guy to start sucking some cock, this is where the red head with a real hard cock stepped in. Watch this slave sucking the whole length of that shaft, deep throating it, wearing his latex mask.

Watch both these hot babes teasing him, while he is shoving that hard cock down his throat. This guy is getting teased so much that soon he will not be able to contain himself any longer and he will start cuming, shooting his load all over the place. Come see whether this guy is also going to get his ass hammered hard by the red head tranny after this long blow job that he is giving her. Liza and her friend are full of surprises so you can’t guess in the beginning how their scene will end. All you have to do in order to satisfy your curiosity is to come now, enter this fetish website and watch their entire video. Come watch these two sensual babes and their slave in action or enter the http://kenmarcus.org/ site and find similar videos featuring some gorgeous kinky babes!


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Fetish Liza Sovjet Sluts

Come watch Fetish Liza having fun with her hot girlfriend and dressing up to incite your imagination. Here we have both these hot babes dressed up as Soviet whores waiting to get their pussies fucked nicely with their special dildos. They are wearing some sexy black outfits and to top it off Liza is wearing a short latex skirt and knee long black leather boots. Watch this nasty brunette making her girlfriend swallow her plastic toy and shoving it down her throat making her gag. She just loves being in control all the time and using her special toys on her friend.

They are having a lot of naughty fun together, fucking their pussies with their plastic dildos. Would you like to suck on that plastic toy as well? What about their already dripping wet pussies? They look lovely don’t they? Would you enjoy lapping up their sweet juices? What else would you like to be able to do to them? Come watch this whole scene to see for yourself just how kinky these babes are. They have a lot of imagination so you can never know exactly what they will do until the end of the scene. Are you hard by now? Is it possible for you to get even harder after watching them until the end? Come and find out by clicking on the link above or enter the http://femdomempire.org/ site and find similar videos! Don’t forget to check out this awesome brunette in her other scenes also! Have fun!

Fetish Liza Sovjet sluts

See these nasty babes dildo-fucking each other!

Shiny Sex Doll

Here is Fetish Liza again in the kinkiest pose you have ever seen. Watch her riding her special sex doll after she has got it completely covered in a shiny fabric and has put a black strap on around its waist. Watch her riding that dildo and moaning in ecstasy. She is jumping up and down on that plastic toy making herself wetter and wetter. She is wearing this black sexy outfit as usual and she is caressing her boobs through her latex bra. Are you ready to watch her in action? She loves fucking hard cocks and dildos all the time. This babe loves to share her fetishes with you and today she thought of doing something special. Watch her riding her shiny slave doll until she cums hard all over it.

Would you like to be there with her instead of that doll? How would you like to be able to pound her wet pussy like this making her scream with lust? Come enter her kinky website now and you will get to fulfil all your dirty fantasies. Come be her personal slave and play doll. She would use you purely for her pleasure. She would like you to place your hard cock inside her dripping pussy and make her come again and again. How does that sound? Do you like this offer? Then come join her now and be ready to do anything she desires you to do. If you wanna see other hotties riding big tools, enter the http://houseoftaboo.net/ site and have fun!

shiny Zentai sex doll at fetish Liza

Check out nasty Liza riding a big dildo!

Fetish Liza – Sexy Red Stockings

Watch the brunette whore Fetish Liza exposing herself for you again wishing you could be there with her to do all these naughty things that she desires. Watch her caressing her wet, pink pussy with her black shiny gloves, inserting her long fingers inside from time to time. She is wearing some red stockings, corset and red lipstick. She looks like a nasty whore and she is waiting for you to come and watch her performance. Watch her all spread out on that white armchair, willing to get your entire attention. Is she succeeding? Watch this gorgeous brunette with long eye lashes, looking at you intensely desiring to mesmerize you and make you want her more and more each time.

This babe has a huge fetish for leather, but unlike her previous videos in which she is all wrapped up in leather or latex, she wanted this scene to be a little different. Do you like elegant black satin gloves? Then come watch her performing in her latest self loving scene in which she is caressing her moist pussy making her juices drip all over her sexy gloves. If you join and become a member on her website you will be able to share your ideas, suggestions and fantasies with this gorgeous babe. She loves dominating but she also loves to please, just like the hotties from the cosplay deviants website! She will fulfil all your naughty desires. Are you ready to worship and adore her? Join now and have fun!

fetish liza sexy red stockings

Check out nasty Liza fingering her pussy!

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